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Pokhara now has a place that offers everything you would need on your journey.
Food, travel-trek arrangements, and entirely spiritual surrounding.

travel . experience . inspire

Pokhara now has a place that offers everything you would need on your journey.
Food, travel-trek arrangements, and entirely spiritual surrounding.


Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

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The literacy of the meaning of Lalitpur is the city of beauty. It is indeed a city of beauty and grace. The best attraction of Lalitpur is Durbar Square complex, situated right in the middle of the marketplace. The city Lalitpur is full of Buddhist monuments and Hindu temples with fine bronze gateways, guardian deities, and wonderful carvings. Everybody can say that Lalitpur is the city of artists after visiting the Patan Durbar Square. The city is believed to have been built during the reign of Vira Dev in A. D. 299.


Once, a free and relentless kingdom of the national capital depression, Patan changed into a combination of 2 persuasive religions, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The devout avatar (Hindu) sanctuary, that rests amidst the city; into the own one amongst a form town, whose whole city’s style was committed to the idea of the Buddhist Dharma-Chakra (Wheel of Righteousness) molds Patan, to the current date, as a grand town of culture, religion, acquirement, and legacy. Patan is just five klicks aloof from the capital town, Kathmandu; but, in spite of such section, its “safeguarded” familial individualism acknowledges Patan as associate degree alternate domain to involvement in an exceedingly short travel.

Patan is otherwise known as Lalitpur, “City of Beauty”, and it’s extraordinary room Squares, sanctuaries, back streets, food, good-neighborliness and not secular resistance legitimate the pre-memorable standing of town. Patan could be a town of fifty-five windows sanctuaries, 136 Buddhist cloisters, fine metal works, and uncounted celebrations. Patan takes pride in delivering extraordinary Thanka painters within the nation. In every – from time to time – corners and back roads of Patan will be seen with Thanka painters, filling shading to recent Gods and immortal. Patan, as of late, has changed into a most wanted spot for Diplomats, INGOs, and NGOs. perhaps for its quiet condition, in spite of being close to the capital town, or on the grounds that town is apparent pleasant, in itself, Patan has numerous eating house, bars, and shops, that provide Buddha’s, fascinating, rigorously assembled metal model at the very wise price.

Lalitpur is taken into account the richest among the 3 districts of national capital natural depression in sculpture, wood crafts and fine arts. The district that has set itself apart because of its historical, spiritual and ancient heritage is additionally referred to as Patan or Yala in Himalayish. The district with its distinctive inventive traditions and ancient heritage is delimited by Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, kavre and Makawanpur districts. The city dotted with inventive Temples, Monasteries, Stupas, Pagodas and alternative spiritual sites has become a very important destination for the tourists.

Patan is geologically placed in the high zone of land within the national capital depression toward the southern facet of the Bagmati stream, that isolates it from the town of the national capital on the northern face. it had been made on a usually skinny layer of saved earth and rock within the focal piece of a dried antediluvian lake referred to as Nagdaha. aboard national capital, Pokhara, and Biratnagar, Patan is among one amongst the most important urban communities in the nation. in conjunction with this town is circumscribed by Imadol VDC and Harisiddhi VDC toward the east, Kritipur Municipality, and national capital Metropolitan toward the west, national capital Metropolitan town toward the North conjointly and Saibu VDC, Sunakothi VDC and Dhapakhel VDC toward the south.

List of Places to Visit in Patan Nepal or Places to Visit in Lalitpur Nepal are as follows:

  1. Patan Durbar Square
  2. Krishna Mandir
  3. Mahaboudha
  4. Hiranya Verna Mahavihar
  5. Kumbheshwor Jagatnarayan Temple
  6. Rudra Varna Mahavihar
  7. The Ashokan Stupas
  8. Acchheswor Mahavihar Temple of Machhendranath and Minnath
  9. The Zoo
  10. Patan Industrial Estate
  11. Bajra Barahi
  12. Godavari
  13. Phulchowki

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